Sunday, April 12, 2015

Windmill wonder

This beautiful quilt is one that I made for a silent option for the theatre company windmill. I can't take any credit for the gorgeous colours and design is that was done by professional graphic designer. Yes I'm very good at copying other peoples patterns.but I still think it looks rather fabulous

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Back again

I think August this year is the first year since I started my blog but I didn't do a single post. I have tried really hard to keep posting, and I have managed to do a couple of posts this year but it is really not enough. But being confined to bed with suspected pneumonia has at least given me the chance to spend some time going through  my photos and posting some of the quilts I've made this year

Ginas's Frida Quilt

Nareeda 'a 50th Quilt

Josephine's Hawaiian Girl Quilt

Nareeda's Medalion Quilt 

Isadora's 21st Quilt

John's 60th Quilt

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mini Me

My mini came through from the schnitzel and boo mini swap but I got a bit of a surprise. I got home from work one night to find two parcels sitting in the kitchen one from the USA and one from the UK. There was a muck  up with the list and I was allocated to 2 different quilters on two different sides of the world and received two fabulous sets of quilts. I really was spoiled because as well as receiving two beautiful little quilts I got chocolate, tea, lollies, a needle case, some fabrics and a beautifully sewn zip pouch. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Me in a mini part 2

I have been happily involved in the Schnitzwl and Boo mini swap these past few weeks. I have had lots of fun and a bit of stress coming up with a little quilt to send to my partner. The ones on IG gave been so exquisite that I have felt very intimidated. But I have pursevered and I think my parter will like it part of the fun (challenge? Stress?) is including lots of little other things. There is a bit of competition that I have found stressful to see what everyone else is sending. I think I did ok and I will definately be invoked if there is another one. So this one is for you @lalakids

Friday, June 6, 2014

A word on blogging

It would be true to say that since I've taken up Instagram I have pretty much given up blogging. Only one per month this year and March missed out completely it's my worst record since I started blogging in May 2009. But I still love blogging because it gives me an opportunity to look back on my life and my quilting journey to see all the things that I've done since I started this crazy activity five years ago. For example I just look back and see all of the things that I've done on the June long weekend since I started 2009 Ginas's Red disappearing nine patch quilt, 2010 a cushion shaped like a cell, 2011 Susie's Kaffe Fassett quilt, 2012 the quilt for Sarah's wedding present and 2013 a trip to Ballarat to see my friend Rhonda. I do hope I can keep going. PS this blog was done using voice recognition on my iPhone

Heritage Greens

I have recently made a quilt for my friend Nareeda's daughter Meg. Nareeda liked it so much that she asked me to make one for her as well but matching colours of her bedroom which were maroon and green. My inspiration was this quilt from the French General line of Fete de Noel 
I bought fabrics at Tricia's during my Instameet with Cassie, Janine and Lisa and teamed it with the lovely shot cotton from spotlight in sand. 
Today is my day to bast and quilt ready for delivery on Monday.. I love it and hope Nareeda does too

Monday, May 19, 2014

Me in a Mini

Mini quilt swap that is .. with Schnitzel and Boo. I have a partner that I am already having at look at on IG and she loves to bake and sew and crotchet.. just like me. But I also realise that my partner has been given my Sew and Sews Too blog to check out.. so I think I should add some interest so that she can see all the cool things I do.. or rather that I am so busy these days that I  NEVER get to blog and that IG has taken that role in my life.

But last night I was reading my favorite blogger Lucy at Attic24 and she so inspires me to keep this bloggy thing going..... so this is what I going to attempt to do.. at least that is the plan.

And to start off here are a couple of photos of a T Shirt Quilt that I recently made for a friends son's birthday using his old and well loved collection of Mambo T shirts. Such fun to do and I was really happy with how it turned out - especially the border made from sleeves..