Saturday, August 29, 2009


Had a productive week and finished two quilts - one for H's teacher Non who is was thrilled with her bright new lap quilt _ And one for Johanna and Amy who won the raffle that we ran to raise money for the new brakes on the Pedal Prix car -$207 in three hours at the school VIP day thanks to all the grandparents!! And spring has come to Adelaide in a week with my irises flowering and the chooks happy to be out and about scratching -with spring in the air and almost all of my projects finished time to plan some Christmas treats for the family- I am dreaming of a Kaffe Fassett colourful quilt ......

Friday, August 21, 2009

New quilt

A offered to make a quick quilt to raffle to raise money for new brakes on our Pedal Prix car - a very quick trip to Spotlight and guerrilla shopping ( all chosen in 10 minutes ) $22 laterI had the goods - pretty cats and spots and stripes - I hope the new owner likes the colours because I do - quilted in a lassoo pattern using my new found free motion skills - quite happy with the week's work - - now the binding - am planning on trying out the machine binding I learnt at the WEA class - hope it works!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Ya Hoo!!

Went to the second of my quilt classes and after the first one whenI was told" that to be a successfully machine quilter I needed a new machine " with my machine only three months old !! - I was not exactly looking forward to another day of failure - BUT To my great relief and excitement I discovered a trick that has made free motion quilting not only possible on my inexpensive Elna but positively enjoyable- the secret - I DO NOT NEED TO DROP MY FEED DOGS!!! - it gives me me great control and stops all the yucky looping that was happening on the back of my quilts everytime I tried free motion - And this simple trick - which all makes it all work out also worked for two of my fellow quilting members. So I am a very happy camper!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In the beginning

Got my camera back and found a whole lot of photos - this one from our fabric buying trip to Melbourne which for me was when it all began!!!
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Monday, August 10, 2009

All done

Finished the top and a pieced the back of Non's nice new scrap quilt and am now ready to quilt!!Plus a lovely weekend at Second Valley with the girls - thank you all for a fun weekend!!.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Busy week

Last Sunday some of the Sew and Sews participated in a WEA machine quilting class - lots of new things were learnt but the inadequacies of my machine was the thing I learnt the most - shame as it is only three months old - however I can still do some of the things we learnt and quickly set about making a bright and colourful nine patch for Non - (H's fantastic teacher from when he was in reception who is going through a bumpy patch) - I hope the new quilt will brighten her up a bit - I have had fun pulling all the bits together from my stash. But no sewing this week as I am at the opening of The Hypochondriac by Brink Productions tonight, a street party in Queen Street for SALA on Thursday and then Friday and Saturday at Second Valey for a girls weekend- lots of nice things to do but no sewing. But - do plan to finish piecing the top next week so I can take it to the WEA class the following Sunday for some tips and tricks - there I have said it now so aim to get it done!!!