Thursday, August 16, 2012


I feel pretty good when a quilt is considered and completed before it even gets a chance to hit the wip list. I have a group of girlfriends that I met when G was five weeks old. And the six of us still catch up 15 years later. However this week one the CAYHS group is returning to live in England after many years here in SA. So a last minute decision to make her a quilt. Decided at work on Monday, chose fabric and cut that night, pieced on Tuesday, attempted to quilt on Wednesday, didn't work(a story for another blog) so I quilted tonight, will sew on the binding tomorrow and finish with the embroidery of all our names. And then to Karen on Saturday. Quick but satisfying. .... What do you think. Ps I had the swoon block already made !

Sunday, August 12, 2012

You turn away for a moment ....2

Charlie and the ironing board LOL

Pretty Pretty

So happy with my latest finish (although I do subscribe to the mantra ' it's not a quilt until its quilted) so its my latest almost finish.

A new home

With Alan no longer running his business from home there was a spare room in the house that used to be an office....... What's a quilting gal to do! So happy to have a home for my sewing.

Sunday Stash

It's not often that I have new fabrics to show but today - when wandering around my local Spotlight I found some special fabrics - hidden away under some dodgy drill - gorgeous Prints Charming cottons. I just got few but with an add tonight on TV for 30% of I might be back. They are sooooo pretty.