Sunday, June 26, 2011

Melbourne Adventure

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A three day trip to Melbourne turned into a four day trip thanks to Tiger Airlines. We have flown Tiger many times and never had a problem until now. Arrived at the airport to be told they had cancelled our flight - next one 28 hours later. Luckily due to the recent ash cloud we had insurance, so as G says " high five for an extended holiday". A jaunt round the Botanic Gardens and a trip to the Science Museum and then a leisurely dinner at The Lincoln Hotel in Carlton. But looking forward to getting home!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Always Late

I never seem to get to be part of a Quilt Along at the beginning - but I am so inspired by the Bottled Rainbow Quilt I think I'll just have to start of the end!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

New for Suzy

 My first queen size quilt - all Kaffe Fassett fabrics- started as a small Amy Butler pattern in the middle then discovered 1/2 square triangles and it grew- had to do an eBay hunt for the blue Flowers for the border - two and a half years in the making - I am very very happy - the colours are so amazing - thank you Kafffe

More fabric fun

Yesterday my friend Marya showed me a new source of fabric inspiration in Adelaide. It is a charity shop that sells pieces, bits and bolts of fabric - some offcuts from manufacturers, some bolts that are donated, some from deceased estates, some old factories closing down store cupboards- linen, wool , silk ,cotton, fleeces, flannelet. It is is in a special room out the back run by the lovely Phil - herself a fabric tragic aficionado- and there were notions and needles and threads and zips and patterns - and it was lovely and like a treasure hunt but all for charity - I had so much fun and today I have lots more to sew!!!Thanks Marya.


A few finishes now that I am back on line with my photographs. Firstly the lovely Lazy Katie from my friend Roz. Lots of lovely Denyse Schmidt Kate Jumps Rope that I have had a as a jelly roll for over two years - finally finished ( although I forgot to photograph it ACTUALLY finished!) and lovely.

And a very quick baby quilt for a my friend Liz's sister in law - as they say any baby...... little boy fabric - very nice colours and patterns