Friday, April 29, 2011

William and Kate

Did anyone else have royal wedding party ?- lots of fun for all!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A centenary!!

Despite not actually blogging I think about blogging and what I will say when I get my camera sorted and what photos I can show - and today with a bit of time to spare (but still no photos) I discovered that this will be blog number 100. My centenary - what fun!!!  so here is a list of all of the things I plan to blog about when I get my photos organised and I will tick them off

Baby Boy Blue

Lazy Katie for Roz

My new skirt
Dressmaking for beginners
The pool in stages
Almond pear tarts
William and Kate

Is that enough????

Melbourne Madness

Not exactly mad but a busy and fun day with lots of great things to do. Theresa and I flew the flag for the Sew and Sews with two additional friends. 'Michelle' and 'Kay' joined us for the big day and we all had a fabulous time. I had all sorts of things to do - fabric for a new boy quilt, some Japanese prints for a new skirt, some red and black to match a new quilt I am thinking about, some trim for my new brown dress as well as any other nice things I could find. And I managed them all except the trim as in the end there was no chocolate brown trim anywhere  - so I changed to wool and bough some fabulous red sari wool for my new crotchet addiction. And I bought a new pair of Camper shoes that I have been coveting since discovering them in London last year - lucky me. And since coming home I have made both the skirt and finished the new boy quilt - that's the thing about school holidays - lots of sewing.......

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Still here

I am still here  - promise - just finding it hard to find the right place to blog - with a camera and a computer that is always on line  - and not at work and not during dinner - all the usual excuses - but I am doing an amazing project which is to crotchet a coral reef - I have made three little pieces and hope to make lots more . It is part of an international project and it is so very very cool - I am very happy to be a part of it