Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Melbourne Madness

Not exactly mad but a busy and fun day with lots of great things to do. Theresa and I flew the flag for the Sew and Sews with two additional friends. 'Michelle' and 'Kay' joined us for the big day and we all had a fabulous time. I had all sorts of things to do - fabric for a new boy quilt, some Japanese prints for a new skirt, some red and black to match a new quilt I am thinking about, some trim for my new brown dress as well as any other nice things I could find. And I managed them all except the trim as in the end there was no chocolate brown trim anywhere  - so I changed to wool and bough some fabulous red sari wool for my new crotchet addiction. And I bought a new pair of Camper shoes that I have been coveting since discovering them in London last year - lucky me. And since coming home I have made both the skirt and finished the new boy quilt - that's the thing about school holidays - lots of sewing.......

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