Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Not Much Blogging

I think over  a month must be a record for me - I do so want to keep blogging and the will is there but I don't have a computer at home and I don't have any photos at work - so unless I continue with a photo free blog I am a bit stuck. I am still very disappointed that my Ipad is so useless at blogging as it is now the place that holds all of my photos! Any way I have been sewing but not quilting - I made myself a dress for a big party - that I did not end up wearing and may turn into a top and I have been completing the embroidery project that I started in 1983 in time for my Mother's 80th in December - still a lot of background to go but I am determined to get if finished. It is a variation on this classic William Morris Bird and Pomegranate and I will be very happy when it is finished. Even I think that 28 years is a very long time to have a WIP!!!