Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All pedal prixed out!!!

We made it through Pedal Prix with two tired childrenbut a lot of fun was had by all!! Not wanting to push oursleves the team come second to bottom on the primary school ladder, but it didn't matter the kids still enjoyed the day. Roll on Murray Bridge and the 24 hour race!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Good Fun

A full Sew and Sews last night with all the gals - nice to catch up and see what everyone is doing - and accepting sage advice on my projects - thank you all. Another very cold night so I think I better get a wriggle on with my bed quilt q uilt - looking forward to finishing - but with a nine hour Pedal Prix this weekend I am not sure how much quilting will be done - Good luck to G and H in their big race!!! PS I know blogging without photos is no fun but did I tell you I left my camera in Melbourne!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Same air again

Theresa at Sew and Sews and I are breathing the same air again. ( see my first ever post -The beginning) I had just got off the phone from ordering my new walking foot so that I can begin to quilt my lovely new Anna Maria Horner bed quilt when I checked her blog and guess what - she is talking about using her walking foot !! I hope mine looks as nice as hers does.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Satisfying Sew and Sews

This week I excitedly started on my new Anna Maria Horner quilt with the pack of 4.5 in strips that arrived from America whilst I was in Melbourne. Such lovely material - just fun to play with the colours - With the hold of Theresa yet again we match all the colours and I am so happy to be back sewing on a anew project - this one to keep us warm in bed.

Finishing Mario!!!

No camera so no blogs for ages and school holidays and trip to Melbourne but back to it today on a sunny Saturday with some time to spare. Here finally is the lovely Mario quilt which H has not let go of - on the couch and in bed - - up and down the bunk ladder it gets dragged and wrapped up on the floor with the matching pillow - very satisfying and worth it all after the saga.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Busy Busy

Busy busy but still had time to finish unpicking the Mario quilt, re do the quilting in the ditch and attach the binding- leaving another quilt that needs hand sewing in my pile of quilts to finish - so last night when I really should have been finishing this last little bit so H can have his quilt for the weekend, I made myself a hat. I have been heading out to weekend sport this winter in A's hand spun brown beanie - very male and not very flattering.But I have been admiring a women on the train each morning who wears a close fitting red cable cloche beanie. So with two balls of chunky red wool I sat down last night and made a red crocheted shell stitch beret- wore it to work this morning and had a compliment from the first person I saw. Can't do better than that - now I have my heart set on a matching cable knit scarf - off to Spotlight again today for some more wool.