Thursday, July 2, 2009

Busy Busy

Busy busy but still had time to finish unpicking the Mario quilt, re do the quilting in the ditch and attach the binding- leaving another quilt that needs hand sewing in my pile of quilts to finish - so last night when I really should have been finishing this last little bit so H can have his quilt for the weekend, I made myself a hat. I have been heading out to weekend sport this winter in A's hand spun brown beanie - very male and not very flattering.But I have been admiring a women on the train each morning who wears a close fitting red cable cloche beanie. So with two balls of chunky red wool I sat down last night and made a red crocheted shell stitch beret- wore it to work this morning and had a compliment from the first person I saw. Can't do better than that - now I have my heart set on a matching cable knit scarf - off to Spotlight again today for some more wool.

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