Monday, September 14, 2009

Scarves and stuff

Now I have my camera back and working I can pull out all stops - including some of my early work like a couple of Denyse Schmidt scarves
and an early Moopy from a Sew and Sews class - (mine is the wonky one on the left!!)

61 done

My one a day nine patch is rolling along - ( make that 30 in a sitting ) 61 made and 11 to go.


When I was growing up I didn't know about quilting but my maternal grandmother always did patchwork- hand sewed hexagons with paper piecing from scraps of material - it was all she ever used - I learnt how to hand stitch this way and still have the pin cushion I made in 1969. Granny once made a double bed quilt and the other day I got my mum to bring it out of storage for me to show the girls at the Sew and Sews. It was like a journey through all my primary school dresses - all hand stitched and each piece a memory. Somehow buying new material to quilt is not the same as this lovely piece made with remnants.

A late picture of a finished quilt

My Anna Maria Horner quilt has been keeping us warm for a few weeks now - still a little bit of binding to hand sew but as good as done - here it is

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I think I am getting the hang of this

Last night another good long go at my nine patch made out of scraps - it is extraordinary to me that I have manged to accumulate quite so much fabric in only one year of sewing (and from reading other quilt blogs my stash is VERY small in comparison) - prior to June 2008 I don't think I had ever bought fabric - let alone trawl websites to buy fabric gems from around the world!! So my nine patch is a wonderful record of my early buying with a journey from the Spotlight spots to the Fasset flowers with some Amy and Denise in between. And lots of fun along the way.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Better late than never

The one a day nine patch at Crazy Mom Quilts is 43 days old so I really am a bit late - but I wanted to give it a go - after one night I have to say that it may be a bit small for me to manage as I have the patience of a gnat- but I am going to give it a little bit of a go - maybe a small lap rug or cot quilt - does anyone have a baby that need a rug???