Friday, June 26, 2009

Thats what friends are for!!

Got on with the stippling all the way around the edge of the Mario quilt but it turned into a disaster - The blue cotton was way too strong and despite being a new machine my Elna is not happy stippling and the tension was way out either too tight or very loose and coming apart - still not sure if it is my technique or not. I really shouldn't blame my machine of two months but if it is it's very disappointed as I bought the machine especially to do stippling and it seems to be the one thing it doesn't do!!. Any way last night at Sew and Sews Theresa quite rightly convinced me that with such a special quilt it was a waste to have sloppy loose stippling that would be in danger of coming undone - so we unpicked - she gave up three hours of her precious sewing time to help me undo my very ordinary work - half done and I think with a few good hours tonight I really will be back on track - I plan to quilt in the ditch for this one leaving the lovely bright fabric to shine through.

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