Thursday, December 24, 2009

Twas the blog before Christmas.....

Phewwww - finished work until 1 February -how wonderful. Spent a gorgeous day at the beach having a long lunch and good solid chit chat with all the girts from CAYHS - a great way to ease into the holidays - finished almost all of my shopping and today just have to make a pavlova, some aoli and off to a festive Christmas eve at Port Willunga - and my gorgeous G had her first proper hair appointment with a cut and colour and blow wave - she is so thrilled and looks lovely -and she declared that 'our' hairdresser( yes she used to be just mine) was awesome. Thanks Marie!!!

Have a safe and happy Christmas wherever you are - and as am I am sure that there are only 2 readers of this blog Happy Christmas to Theresa and Kay - lets sew some more next year

Love Clare

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  1. Just catching up on my reading now! OMG - awesome do G! Go Girl! (or is that totally daggie mother speak for girls???). Catch you in the NY for a day of it!