Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lazy Katie

Last Friday I found myself after weeks of finishing off projects for birthday gifts with time on my hands and a chance to sew. But  there were 10  - 13 year old girls in the house I was not able to be in the room where my cutting usually takes place so had to find something in my stash cut but not sewn. I chanced upon a jelly roll that had been given to me by Theresa last year when we went to see French and Saunders and it was Katie Jumps Rope - the same material that Theresa had been sewing at our Sew and Sews meeting the night before. ( Here we are breathing the same air again!).

Anyway I had been given a lesson in log cabin that night as well and figured that the Katie Jumps Rope jelly roll might be a good place to start. I had a nicely drawn pattern and strict instructions to iron as I went for the best results. But I got muddled at the first corner and I hate ironing as my ironing board is in another room and not easy to slip away to - so I just got sewing and with a bit of cream, fabric  to stretch my lovely stash a bit further ) I think I invented Lazy Katie - the not log cabin that was not ironed - but I think it is really cool and will be my new snuggle quilt for when the weather drops below 34 degrees!!


  1. I really like the little cream centre. That will prove to be very interesting if you keep that up!

  2. I have finished 16 block now and am looking forward to your advice on how they should be put together - I have a few plans that involve byuing some more KJR so that may be an option - look forward to unveiling tommorrow night

  3. Oh I adore Katie Jump Rope! I have some of it in green on my cutting table as we speak :-)