Monday, February 6, 2012

And I call myself a quilter!

My mother- in- law, Gillian, has always been a quilter. Over the years she has made some stunning quilts in amazing colours. She has a real eye and I am in awe of her skill. And it is a real skill as she ONLY uses recycled fabrics and scraps. NO new fabric. And yet she always manages to make huge detailed machine quilts . Her most lovely ones are from scraps of silk- old ties, shirts and dresses from op shops and pieces of fabric she has kept. Last night she came to dinner and brought me her latest silk flimsy. Tiny broken plate... So amazing. And a lovely story. When her mother died, at 94, Gilly found some fabric scraps , including the hem that had been cut off her sisters bridesmaid dress - in 1957..... Nana, never threw anything away. And now there is a small piece of beautiful ice blue silk in the quilt- with a story . Thanks Gilly for being such an inspiration.

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