Friday, September 7, 2012

The Greedy Granny

Last week at Sew and Sews we were finally able to get together and begin our scrap swap so that all four members have enough coloured squares to make a granny quilt . ah la Blue Elephant. We started well and everyone was collecting squares but not enough for us to all get enough scraps. Fast forward to this week's Sew and Sews. Back to two - Theresa and I - and she had dipped into her stash  - collected enough fabric for a 25 x25 quilt and had sewn her squares as well. With no other project ready to go, ( Theresa did - a gorgeous grey and pink number I'm sure she will show soon) I kept going with my square collecting. The plan had been to add a few mores squares in and I had cut a few but not enough to cover what I was removing. And so into the swing of the evening - the best bit of quilting - matching and auditioning tiny coloured scraps to bring together such lovelies and with just me rummaging in our Granny Box I had the pick of the fabrics. I was so engrossed I was not really thinking when Theresa asked? "is there enough left for everyone else?" - so fabric guilt set in and I went to bed thinking that I really had been a bit selfish. It was supposed to be a scrap swap - not a scrap plunder!!!. So last night I spent some time going through all my stash and bits and bobs and cut an additional 200 squares to put back into the box. A wide range, some vintage, some Heather Ross, some Amy Butler, some Denise Schmidt Eyelet in Blue (which seems to be so rare I could not find a picture!) and some nice reds and greens. Hopefully enough for everyone else to finish their squares. It seems to me that our Granny Box could become a bit like the Magic Pudding- the more your put in the more you can get out..........

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  1. And on a whim I signed up for a Scrap Vomit swap, so will have to cut around 150 x 2 1/2" by Oct 5...what was I thinking????? But the flip side is that I will have the same number sent to me so that will add some variety.

    See what happens when you're on holidays and have time to browse the interwebs???