Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year again......

This year has been a feast and a famine in terms of blogging and that is probably the way of it. It depends on time, were my camera is, who has the iPad and whether I can find the little white photo transfer thingy.....but as always here I am on New Years Day pondering the year past and checking up on my previous resolutions.

Last years were

to be less extravagant - well circumstances certainly made that one happen
sell some craft - check - but $300 for the year is not a bonanza
finish the garden- almost
cherish my family - circumnavigating G's teenagedom is definitely a trick but H is as ever
be happy.... Mostly

and this years are

Grow some vegetables and a lawn
Make clothes
Knit more and still fine time to quilt
Lose weight - I think more than ever I need to work this one
Share G's new school journey
Spend more time with H
Explore quilts on consignment

not a bad list :)
And a random photo because all posts should be visual

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