Friday, March 8, 2013

Why We Do What We Do- or how do I pay for this.....

There is a constant conversation between quilters as to what makes us quilt - why do we do it.  For me I love the mechanics of choosing fabrics and patterns and the satisfaction of seeing it come together. The final quilt is just the end point - but sometimes you can have too many 'end points' in the house. I have made enough over the last three years to fill my house with quilts for every purpose and I have given as many as I can for birthdays, babies and friends. The issue for me becomes how to make this a sustainable hobby that doesn't drain the family coffers - I am always being told - they are so lovely why don't you sell them..but it is not that simple. My experience on made it was disastrous and my market experience was not much better.  But the economic reality is that the cost of the material, batting and cotton for a good quality quilt with Adelaide bought fabrics runs into the $100s and adding the cost of time onto this makes my work too expensive for most people. I love making scrap quilts for friends and colleagues from the bits left over from other quilts and that is something I am always happy to do  for example every single piece of the quilt I made for Fee came from left overs from other quilts) But there are times when one longs to work with brand new fabrics, planned and considered as a whole. The answer to me is low cost commissioning.  Making quilts for people that covers the cost of the fabrics, cotton and batting giving me the chance to buy and sew with glorious materials and leaving lovely scraps to make other quilts as well. I know it is not an economic way to ' make money' but is a lovely way to make items that people want and fund my hobby. So I am up for the challenge. Here are a few of the quilts I have made for the cost of materials only and I am still so happy they are wanted and loved

..... anyone out there want a quilt?


  1. Great post agree. I think for me it has also got down to covering hard costs but ignoring time and power as part of the process! Good luck with your commissioning!