Sunday, June 24, 2012

I wish I had listened to my maths teacher....

After the disastrous market experience in March I still had quite a few baby quilts to sell. So when I heard of Madeit, an Aussie version of Etsy, I thought it would be an easy thing to list my quilts and see what happens. So I was very pleased when I got a message that there was a buyer interested in my quilts. She asked if I would do a similar quilt in colours that she preferred and being so excited about a possible sale I said yes- to a custom quilt for the same price as one I had already made out of scraps ...... Well ok I thought - I have a lot of scraps in the colours she wants - and it will be a sale. First she wanted to see the fabrics choices - so far so good. And then Theresa pointed out that I had listed my quilt as being 60in x 60in. At least that was what I guessed it was....but no it was closer to 30in x 30in. And I had agreed to a custom 1.5m square quilt for $70....I had to fess up as I now needed to buy new fabric, batting and backing fabric. My customer was quite disappointed as she thought she had come across such a great bargain....she offered to pay extra and I asked for a little bit more- enough for the extra purchases - and then went ahead with the quilt. I finished it today and I think it's lovely. I hope my customer does too- and she enjoys her bargain!

PS I had another enquiry for a custom quilt and I gave her a proper price which included covering my actual costs.... And I never heard from her again

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