Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Material Obsession

The first quilt I ever made was a pattern made up by me. The second quilt  I made was a variation on a Sarah Fielke from Material Obsession 1. But I knew then that exact cutting and perfect 1/4 inch seams were not for me. So I went on to other things. I did have a brief encounter with a triangle ruler and the Ginger Bliss quilt but mainly I have felt that Sarah's gorgeous quilts were a bit too hard. But after a summer of simple squares, and my successful Swoon quilt- when it came time to use all my lovely Purl Soho fabrics I again turned to Sarah for inspiration.

I like a quilt that I can fathom the pattern from the picture - then I know that it will make sense to me and be within my skill level- but then I found a picture of the Stars in Her Eyes quilt and it was love at first sight. But I couldn't work it out without the pattern - kindly supplied by my star friend Theresa from Sew and Sews. So with some extra time this weekend I plunged into its intricacies . Starting by cutting all the star fabric strips. I then had a bit of a panic about how complicated it was going to be - I still wasn't sure what a 'set in' seam was, so I decided to make the first star before going any further. And I am glad I did.... It wasn't hard but it has puckered badly in the middle.

And now I don't know whether to plunge on ahead and hope that practice makes perfect - or abandon ship. Am sure there are lots I could do with 55 -2.5 inch strips.....what do you think - will they get better with each passing star or should I give up while I am ahead. Either way I am off to sleep on it. And one more thing - there is A LOT of waste in this pattern. All this from one star and there are 12 in the pattern.

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