Saturday, February 22, 2014

I'm in a bee

OI've joined a bee.. I've  always been intrigued about how they work and how the sharing of colours and ideas work... And boy am I learning. So far it has been fun but very intense. I've had over 150 face book notifications so far and the actual bee has yet to start. The way it works is every gets one partner per month and we make and post a block to that person. At the end of the year everyone has twelve blocks to make into a quilt!! The tricky bit is choosing the fabric that others will like. Some members are lucky enough to have a 'stash' of appropriate fabrics to choose from, some members want specific fabrics and they will send them out, some members want you to buy fabric to match the others, and some just say 'go for it'. It is all consuming at the moment but I think it will calm down. Anyway here are some of the quilts and ideas!!

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