Thursday, January 30, 2014

The adventures of Thelma and (Clare) Louise

As a treat for my last week of holidays I organised to spend the day with a good friend cooking with her Thermomix called Thelma. I admit to being sceptical but I was prepared to give it a good try. The extensive menu for the day included a lemon meringue pie, green chicken curry, nigella'a vegemite pasta, roast pumpkin ravioli and beetroot and cashew nuts dip. As the day progressed I gradually became a fan and when the fluffy white meringue came out for the meringue  pie I knew that I was now a convert. 


  1. And so you bought one??

    I have been coveting one for ages but have yet to actually see it in action.

  2. No just played with my friends ... Not convinced