Friday, January 3, 2014

Too Too Toile

A story about fabric. In January 2013 a young distant relation came to stay . For various reasons the stay did not end well... Alcohol, broken doors, smashed windows, hospital, police ... You know the sort of thing. However, when she left in a hurry she left a lots of stuff behind... Including (no idea where from ) a set of toile linen fabric swatches. The kind you see in an interior design store. So after a good wash and dry in the hot sun I had a set of very pretty squares- which sat around for a potential new project. So when a trip interstate to visit old friends came around I knew this was the time to use it. In less than 24 hours it was done .. Bar the hand sewn binding .. But the 14 hour drive to Canberra sorted that ...the quilt was all made from vintage and found fabric. Squares with a couple of HST and a bit a fudging at the edges. I really like it.... And when Erica cheekily asked ...'so where's my quilt' I had one I had prepared earlier

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