Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Another new year...

2013 was a good year for sewing... Made a few, sold a few, made some gifts for friends who needed some fabric love, and did a little bit of knitting as well. The Sew & Sews continue to give great fun and my Thursdays are one of the highlights of my week. This year with Gina going into year 12 I think a bit more concentration on the family is needed... But I'm sure I can find the balance ..looking back on last years list I think I made them all.. Grow veggies and a lawn..check  lose weight .. Check(sort of ) quilts on consignment ... Yes but it was disasterous ..( needs more work) knit ... Check ... Support Gina ... I think so ... Spend more time with Henry. ... 50/50.. Pretty good I reckon. It was the year I blogged less but sewed more .. But with my new phone quicky blogs might be the way... So my NYR for 2014 are to balance my sewing eating drinking spending knitting and parenting into a semblance of calm... Let's see how I go!!!

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