Tuesday, April 10, 2012


So much for blogging everyday . Is it too much of a stretch to say I have been very busy and too tired at the end of the day! And this is a quick blog as I am at Waterloo waiting for a train using the helpfully free Starbucks wifi. Pity abut the food. Breakfast on the run is not a way to eat nice food, although yesterday we had porridge at Pret a mange. A list of what I have done is all I can manage....
British Museum
Shopping on Oxfrd Street
Somerset House and the Courtauld Collection
Sung communion at Temple Church Tom Hanks was no where to be seen
Lunch at Oxo Tower Restaurant
National Portrait Gallery
shopping at John Lewis
Leonardo da Vinci at the National Gallery
Dinner with a friend have not seen in 36 years.....
Not bad for three days :)


  1. You've squeezed in quite a bit there missy. Stay warm and hurry and get to NYC!!

  2. You so need an iPhone! Love the list and sooooo thrilled Pret a Manger is still around. Do they still have a cookbook? Is it a new edition? If so....!!;-) How is the window at Liberty??? Now...slow down on your typing, you're making us fill in the gaps! LOL. Or is it the wifi connectivity at Starbucks??? Have fun. How's your mum going? Angela....keep your feet up!